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Our gin features an array of botanicals with a base distilled from Alaska Grain. We bottle it at 48% ABV – a more robust gin than most. This gin is built to stand out in cocktails. Our gin is made in small batches, and each batch will change slightly – to see what went into your bottle, follow the link below.


At Amalga Distillery, our spirits are inspired by our landscape and our resources. When your inspiration is Juneau, Alaska, the bar is set high.

An Alaskan Single Malt Whiskey. Made in the Scottish tradition, but on the rocky shores of Southeast Alaska. It will be a little while, but well worth the wait. Each release will be unique, using a variety of barleys, including Alaskan barley we floor malt ourselves. We anticipate our first release early in 2020. But, who knows – it could be longer…