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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Blå

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Blå

Sparkling Tea BLÅ starts out with delicate aromas of Jasmine, chamomile and a hint of citrus. This is followed by a round taste from the careful selection of white teas and accompanied by good complexity and depth from the green teas. It ends in a long finish joined by comfortable tannins created by the Darjeeling First Flush. The color is light green with yellow nuances. BLÅ is based on a careful selection of 13 organic teas, which are brewed at different temperatures and time intervals. The blend is combined in one bottle, together with a small base of grape must and a dash of lemon juice.

 Country of Production: Denmark Alcohol Content: 0.0% Volume: 750mL Serving Temperature: 8-10ºC Storage Temperature: Below 10ºC Calories: 20Kcal/100ml Carbohydrates: 5g/100ml Protein: 0g Halal Certified: Yes Vegan: Yes Organic: Yes


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