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Felicity Loft Mulling Spices
Felicity Loft Mulling Spices

Felicity Loft Mulling Spices

The smell of mulled cider or wine in the fall is unlocks a fundamental warmth in the soul. Our mulling spice blend is a robust and citrus forward blend of whole spices and dried citrus as well as a special appearance by our Felicity Sugar Cubes. These ginger cubes and spicy and delicious. And if you choose to eat them straight out of the bag, we won't blame you.

We recommend using top shelf cider or botton shelf wine and heat on low for some hours. Mulling cider or wine isn't a science, it's a vibe. Taste often and share with friends. 

Ingredients: cinnamon, orange peel, lemon peel, sugar cubes (sugar, ginger, water), allspice, star anise, close, dehydrated orange slice

Bag 3oz/85g


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