Rockfish Escabéche
Rockfish Escabéche

Rockfish Escabéche

Rockfish Escabéche is the last 2021 Vintage Reserve, and folks, you won’t find tinned rockfish from Alaska like this anywhere but here. This ultra-special limited release grew from an idea of our friend Chef Sara Hauman of Top Chef fame (who’s also launching a Tiny Fish company of her own!)—learn all about our collab with Sara here!

Variations of escabéche {es-keh-BEHSH} are found throughout Portugal, Spain, and in Latin America, and have a combination of ingredients in common: a discrete amount of vinegar judiciously blended with herbs, spices, and often garlic, onion, lemon, and lime.  

Our Rockfish Escabéche starts with hook-and-line harvested Alaska Rockfish from the Southeast waters around neighboring Ketchikan. Next, the rockfish is marinated in Chef Sara’s original Escabéche blend and sealed in the tin. You’ll find that the delicate flakes of Alaska rockfish offer a stunning contrast when marinated in the burgundy Escabéche sauce.  

Tasting notes: The Rockfish Escabéchecollaboration brings Hauman’s unique blend of flavors to the tin, pairing the mild white fish with an addictively aromatic and tangy sauce. A spice mix of cumin, coriander, fennel seed, and paprika is balanced by the additions of sherry vinegar and numbing Szechuan peppercorn for a touch of spice. While this may sound curious and perhaps a little intimidating, it’s pretty friendly and approachable, perfect for those looking for a milder tinned fish flavor. 

Serve it up: This tin is the star of late-afternoon picnics with friends or meals sans time limits. Layer rockfish atop a few radish slices on cuts of fresh crusty bread, the spicy crunch being a perfect foil to the tangy, aromatic Escabéche. Or take a nod from the original recipe inspiration and serve amongst your favorite tapas. If you’ve had the great pleasure of visiting an authentic tapas bar, you will know that there are thousands of options at your fingertips! We suggest a good variety of accompaniments for this presentation including Mediterranean olives (Espinaler Stuffed Olives, for the win!) and cheeses (we like Manchego or Mahon.) Don’t be afraid to compliment the mild flavor of our delectable rockfish with a few tiny fish like Conservas de Cambados Angulas or Espinaler Premium Tuna Belly. Select a dry and nicely funky Basque cider (we love Isastegi Sidra Natural,) chillable reds or lighter bodied Oregon Pinot Noir, or vermouth and club soda (try the vermut negre from Casa Mariol.) 

Source: Southeast Alaska

Harvest: Hook & Line

Ingredients: rockfish, olive oil, salt, sweet paprika, sherry vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, coriander seed, fennel seed, Szechuan peppercorn 

Size: 6oz 


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