Smoked White King Belly
Smoked White King Belly
Smoked White King Belly

Smoked White King Belly

Time is our currency, and we spend it wisely, hand-harvesting and hand-packing our smoked seafood so you can taste the care and depth of flavor, bite by bite. And when it comes to depth and flavor, king salmon bellies reign. More commonly seen on a Michelin-star sushi menu than on display at your local grocery store, a king salmon belly already deserves the spotlight. White king salmon belly, though? That’s a one-salmon show.

Tasting notes: We’re talking the most omega-rich portion of the most omega-rich salmon here; a melt-in-your-mouth experience elevated by a touch of salt, smoke, and the alluring appeal of the elusive white king. Superior to their sibling, the red king? Locals would say so, but you be the judge!

Serve it up: This is something special. We like to think of ourselves as seafood butchers, and here we’ve reserved the prized cut, just for you. Nothing else is required save a fork in hand and maybe a tallboy of Bud heavy. Of course, you could always throw in some good bread, a spicy pickle, and a worthy friend (if you feel like sharing…). You could always serve this alongside our Smoked White King if the occasion calls for a more abundant presentation of tins, so be sure to pop a tin or two of our Smoked White King in your basket, too. 

Source: Southeast Alaska

Harvested: Troll-caught (Hook & Line)

Ingredients: King Salmon, Salt, Pure Cane Sugar, Garlic, Black Pepper, All-Natural Wood Smoke

Size: 6oz

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