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Calvados Cask Finished Juneauper Gin

Calvados Cask Finished Juneauper Gin

🚨🚨🚨IMPORTANT INFORMATION🚨🚨🚨 ONE BOTTLE OF THIS GIN PER PERSON. ORDERS WITH MULTIPLE BOTTLES OF THIS PRODUCT WILL BE CANCELED AND REFUNDED. THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE ONLY. THERE WILL BE NONE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT THE DISTILLERY. THIS ITEM IS PICKUP ONLY. WE CAN NOT SHIP. PICKUP WILL BEGIN SATURDAY AT 12PM, AND WE WILL HOLD ORDERS FOR AS LONG AS NEEDED. FEEL FREE TO PICK UP LATER IN THE WEEK. DO NOT LINE UP OR CREATE CROWDS. CURBSIDE PICKUP IS AVAILABLE. SIMPLY CALL 907-209-2015 UPON ARRIVAL AND HAVE YOUR ID READY. PRICE INCLUDES 8% CBJ TAX. Now for the ramblings: The more subtle of the two releases, but also the more versatile. This gin spent 1.5 years in a barrel that previously aged calvados. Calvados is a French brandy made from pears or apples. And - at first glance, the pear and apples are hard to find. It is floral and beautiful - almost perfume like. But. Give it a moment. Let it open up, and it turns into aromatic apple blossoms. This gin can make a brilliant martini, and that is what we would recommend you do with it nine or so times out of ten. Express and discard the lemon peel. Then float a slice of honey crisp for the garnish. But. May we first recommend a tiny pour neat. And drink it slowly so that you can see how it changes as it opens up. Martinis are wonderful, but with this gin, curiosity will certainly set in. A sunny day will come along, and we will want a long drink. This gin will make a brilliant long drink. By which we mean. Something with bubbles. Do you remember how much we love carbonating things here at Amalga? Anyhow - maybe a gin and soda muddled with a bit of apple and a squeeze of lemon. Or a french 75 with a really nice oxidative champagne, less lemon, and maybe just a tiny bit of bitters. And then, after tinkering, settle on a Pink Lady without the apple brandy. Because we've got that part covered. I think what we are really trying to say is that this gin is something special. And interesting. And there is a lot you can do with it. Times are weird, and it has made our descriptions really weird, too. 🤪🤪🤪
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