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Flagship Whiskey Batch 7

Flagship Whiskey Batch 7

The seventh release of our flagship is an awful lot like the second release of our flagship single malt whiskey. The nose is still very fruity and once again it is finished in a Cognac cask. However - we kind of went a little harder with the chocolate than in batch 2 because we added an extra barrel that never spent time in anything other than new american oak.

This batch is composed of one barrel of our chocolate malt whiskey and 1 barrel of whiskey made of 100% golden promise (really cool barley - go read about it if those sort of things excite you!) that were combined in a cognac cask to finish for a while. We then blended that whiskey with a single barrel of our chocolate malt whiskey to give it a little more chocolate/coffee strength.

So - the cognac finish is prevalent, but this whiskey is decidedly more “full” than batch two. Where we described batch two as “less robust in a good way” - we made this one slightly more robust in a good way. This is the goto whiskey for sipping or cocktails; a real rarity in the world of single malt whiskies. So - if you are fond of our flagship whiskey - you will be rather pleased with this release. Mostly because it really isn’t all that different from our other releases. Still approachable and agreeable, but still not like most whiskies you've had.

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