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Flagship Whiskey Batch 8 (but make it Peated)

Flagship Whiskey Batch 8 (but make it Peated)

With Batch 6, we were like…”okay, so this batch is a bit of an outlier”. And to some degree, it was. Batch 8 is without exception, yet we still felt it was appropriate to put into our standard bottle - just with a black wax dip instead of the white wax dip. Because it is smoky. Like - A LOT of smoke while at the same time not in the way that you have grown to love or hate. This is not polarizing smoke. This is not acrid, phenolic, creosote and bandaids smoke such as with Laphroaig or Lagavulin. This is warm savory/sweet combination delicious smoke. 

We made a beer from one of my very favorite malts on the planet, Bairds Heavy Peat. It comes to us from Scotland (!!!), where the peat smoke is infused during the kiln drying of the malt. Then, instead of going into a used bourbon barrel or sherry cask as would be the obvious play, we put the spirit into New American Oak (NAO) casks. This is actually the first peated whiskey that I have ever had that was aged in NAO. The new, heavily charred casks imparted loads of color, caramel, and vanilla flavors and did an incredible job of taming the smoke. But still letting it shine in a delightful and balanced way. The whiskey just went into a Rum cask for the last several months of its life on oak. The rum influence is -chef’s kiss- really wonderful. If you liked batch 6, you will love batch 8. If you love batch 8, get a second bottle. We won’t make this whiskey again for many years. Sad, we know. 

This is whiskey for sipping, but as usual - amazing for cocktails. Some of the most interesting Manhattans and Old Fashioneds I’ve ever had. Really in love. This is also the whiskey for the smokey whiskey curious. Or for those who have cast aside smokey whiskey forever because they think it all is going to taste like an ashtray. This whiskey decidedly does not. Another very friendly and approachable whiskey from our flagship series. Just with the black wax instead of white to remind you that it is a touch smokey.


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