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Rhubarb Gin

Rhubarb Gin

This time of year when it tends to be a bit grey and rainy. The days are getting shorter. We all head inside to be cozy. Maura has been making a quilt. I’ve been reading a bit. We cook meals as a family, play games, watch a movie. And try to adjust to the very dramatic change this season brings. And sometimes, we just want a reminder of the summer in Juneau. And so, as a little bit of vibrancy in these rainy days, we are very excited to release our Rhubarb Gin. It has become, for us, a welcome reminder of summer. Generally in a gin and tonic (almost always with fever tree elderflower tonic) with a lot of ice and not really anything else. And with a good meal and good company. Sometimes around a fire, usually just hanging out on the couch with a good record playing. 

Our Rhubarb Gin started as an oddball experiment (we have lots of them in the basement) that just turned out dandy. Actually - like really really good. And the ~200 bottles we made that first year were gone in less than an hour. So, we decided to make more. And our next batch of ~400 bottles were gone even faster. So, we asked for more rhubarb and went to farmers in Southeast Alaska and bought every bit of rhubarb and made almost 800 bottles of rhubarb gin. And. It lasted a couple of days. And so. We’ve asked the farmers to grow more. We collected rhubarb from gardners all across Juneau. And we found a farm further north in the interior and produced as much Rhubarb Gin as we possibly could. Almost double what we made last year - we are excited for it to be around for a bit. A little reminder of the summer as the days become shorter.


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