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Summer Solstice Solera Cask Whiskey. 2020

Summer Solstice Solera Cask Whiskey. 2020

Online sales will begin at 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 20! 🚨🚨🚨IMPORTANT INFORMATION🚨🚨🚨 THERE IS A VERY VERY VERY STRICT 1 BOTTLE PER PERSON LIMIT. ORDERS WITH MULTIPLE BOTTLES OF WHISKEY WILL BE CANCELED AND REFUNDED. THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE ONLY. THERE WILL BE NONE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT THE DISTILLERY. THIS ITEM IS PICKUP ONLY. WE CAN NOT SHIP. PICKUP WILL BEGIN SATURDAY AT 12PM, AND WE WILL HOLD ORDERS FOR AS LONG AS NEEDED. FEEL FREE TO PICK UP LATER IN THE WEEK. WHEN PICKING UP, RESPECT PEOPLE'S 6-10 FEET, WEAR A FACE COVERING/MASK IF YOU HAVE ONE (OTHERWISE, DUCK YOUR HEAD INTO YOUR SHIRT LIKE A TURTLE), AND DO NOT CROWD THE ENTRY SO THAT PEOPLE MAY MOVE FREELY IN AND OUT OF FOGGY MOUNTAIN SHOP. PICKUP WILL NOT BE AT THE CONCRETE COUNTER, BUT OVER BY THE STILL. GO TOWARD THE STILL TO GET YOUR WHISKEY. CURBSIDE PICKUP IS AVAILABLE. SIMPLY CALL 907-209-2015 UPON ARRIVAL AND HAVE YOUR ID READY. PRICE INCLUDES 8% CBJ TAX. Now. To the whiskey. This wasn't supposed to be our first public release. But. It is. Because our other bottles missed the barge by an hour. AN HOUR. Welcome to doing business in Alaska. So, we are coming out the gate for our first release with our first VERY SPECIAL RELEASE. A concept whiskey of sorts. If you consider alliteration a concept for justifying a special release. Well. There is more to it than that. SOLSTICE SOLERA Because. Here in Juneau, the solstice means a lot. In the summer, it is our longest day of the year, so we celebrate. And in the winter, it means the return of daylight, so we celebrate. And this whiskey is meant to accompany that celebration. Solera is a system of aging that involves blending from multiple casks into a single cask which is partially harvested (usually an annual the solstice) and then topped off with younger liquid. While the average age of the liquid in the cask goes up, it is topped off after every harvest with new liquid. So, this whiskey will evolve over the years, in this same cask. And, this is volume 1. We will release volume 2 next year on solstice, and it will contain a little bit of this whiskey, only a year older, and a little bit of whatever we decide to top this cask off with this Saturday. And next year, you will know the story, so this whole description can be a bit shorter. So...onto tasting notes. This is a combination of three 200L new American oak casks that aged for just over two years. They were then blended into a single 600L cask that previously held sherry for 40 years. The whiskey rested in the sherry cask for about six months, and during that time picked up a rich sweetness that helps round out the chocolatey malt. The nose is sweet. Intensely sweet. Like - baked cake sweet. The new American oak lent an awful lot of vanilla and caramel, while the sherry cask provided a bunch of raisin (in a good way)/dark fruit. We decided to bottle 1/3 of this cask at a rather aggressive 50% ABV (100 proof), because that is where it just tasted best. Not so hot that you couldn't smell it, but not so much water that it was tamed to a know...Jameson-esque realm. And we love Jameson. But we didn't set out to make Jameson. This whiskey is very "smooth", but incredibly rich. Drink it with a North Douglas Chocolate Cake. Drink it as a *sipped* boiler maker with a Baltic Porter or Darkest Hour. OR! Make an Old Fashioned with it, then top that Old Fashioned with Sun/Cloud Vanilla Soda Water for a delicious tall drink. What we are saying is, this whiskey is versatile and delicious. For those of you whiskey ageists out there, observe it for what it is - a well crafted whiskey showing a rowdy youth with surprising moments of maturity. The malt character is not masked by the cask and it has not mellowed into submission, but is rather lively. And finally. The finish. This is where you can feel the tingle of spice on the tongue, and the chocolate and coffee notes (from the chocolate malt. This whiskey is distilled from a porter-esque recipe that we brew) just hang on for a long long long time. This whiskey is enjoyable. Very enjoyable. The color is gorgeous. And Eric and Dan did an incredible job for us with the label. And, you can follow this cask now, every single year from here forward. We will let everyone know this Saturday what we decide to replace the bottled portion with. So - thank you, and enjoy. And stay tuned for the next Summer Solstice Solera release in 2021.
Option Solstice Solera Cask Whiskey

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