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Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine
Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine
Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine
Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine

Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine


What better way to introduce you to the latest, most curious little member of the Wildfish family than boxed in beautiful photographs of the wild harvest grounds from whence it came: introducing Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine, with photography for Wildfish Cannery by Alaskan photojournalist Bethany Goodrich.

Harvested wild and by hand by Sitka-based diver Evan O'Brien along Baranof Island's rocky and rain-soaked beaches, the gooseneck barnacles are packed on ice and shipped on a short flight to us Klawock. In keeping with European tradition, Gooseneck Barnacle shells are not removed, so be ready for the unique visual feast upon opening your tin and seeing something more akin to baby dinosaur toes than your everyday barnacle. (We suggest you dry the beautiful shells and add them to your curios collection...) 

With only one Canadian commercial fishery operating in the western hemisphere, up until now, you'd have to fly abroad to our conservas-loving friends on Europe's Iberian Peninsula to snag a taste. Even most Southeast Alaskans aren’t eating them yet, outside of one Sitka restaurant. Now, thanks to our collaborative efforts with O'Brien, Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine is here. Snatching a tin means you're ready to be transported to our rainforest coast home. And with only 300 tins made, this is a rare treat for a select few to enjoy.

Tasting Notes: Tinned barnacles are your chance to savor these delicious flavors beyond the shores of Southeast Alaska. A little sweet and a little briny, you’ll taste the vitality of the sea, with a tenderness and briny flavor reminiscent of an olive.

Serve It Up: Ready-to-eat straight from the tin, Gooseneck Barnacles are tinned with shells according to the European tradition but are easy to remove. We suggest you savor each morsel like any other rare treat: intentionally. Considering the highly prized rarity of these specimens, and the labor that went into their wild harvest, choose your preparation wisely. If you prefer them warm, submerge the tin in a bowl of very hot water for 10 minutes. Enjoy them dipped in good quality butter alongside warm crusty bread and a bottle of Albariño. Or savor chilled in this zesty Gooseneck Barnacle Ceviche

Source: Exclusively sourced from diver Evan O'Brien. Meet the harvester and learn more about the story of his work to pioneer the new fishery here

Harvested: Diver-harvested by hand along the coastline of Sitka, Alaska, and flown live by seaplane to our craft cannery in Klawock. Read the origin story here. 

Ingredients: Gooseneck barnacles, salt

Size: 6oz 

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PROP 65 WARNING: This product could expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Q: Why is there a "California Proposition 65" warning on tins of Wildfish Cannery Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine?

A: Under California's Proposition 65 (P65), lead is listed as a chemical known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. The P65 level for lead is among the most stringent in the world and much lower than the level required by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. In fact, it is set at 1,000 times below the level that is known to cause no adverse effect. Lead and other heavy metals are present in ocean environments, and in many if not most cases these levels for lead are below those that require a warning under P65. Still, in some instances there can be doubt, and as a result, in order to ensure compliance with California Proposition 65, Wildfish Cannery provides a warning on its gooseneck barnacles.


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