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Flagship Whiskey Batch 5

Flagship Whiskey Batch 5

This is Flagship #5, and I am not going to lie. I very very very very nearly considered bottling this as a special release. Because it is just such a wonderful whiskey. And, it makes me a little uncomfortable to say that, because I don’t want to come off a certain way. But - here is what I will say about it. We have an amazing team here. And they all work really hard to make the best possible product. And, we all pay attention to the details and make adjustments as needed. And, this is us hitting our stride years ago. Like, figuring out how to work together, how to use our equipment as efficiently as possible. What barrels were our favorites. And what distillation processes worked best. This is our flagship single malt whiskey fine tuned. 

Is it worlds different from our previous releases? Absolutely not. I would call it most similar to batch 2 (this one was also finished in Cognac) and batch 4. But - it is more refined in very subtle ways. The nose is what really starts this whiskey off. It is so chocolatey and sweet, with just a tiny bit of a coffee vibe going on. This is a whiskey to enjoy neat. This is actually a whiskey that I would use to introduce people to whiskey with. Sure, it is 50% ABV, and that is a lot for someone new to the world of whiskey, but add just a touch of water. This is also a whiskey to bridge all the whiskey lovers - whether that is rye or bourbon or single malt. You will find characteristics in this whiskey that you at least like, but likely love. 

We have also confirmed that this is definitely amazing for high balls. Like - a really really great highball whiskey. We’ve talked a lot about highballs, but they are the perfect pairing for ramen. Directions:

Get Ramen from Zereldas. Warm up that broth. 

While the broth is warming combine in a tall glass with lots of ice:

1.5 - 2oz whiskey

6-10oz soda water (this is to taste, and best with topo chico)

a fat wedge of lemon squeeze in and dropped in the glass

But - it is also northern lights season, and sitting inside cozy season, and being outside at bonfires season. And this happens to be a great at-the-ready in a flask kinda whiskey. Sweet and delicious on its own, and the extra proof is, well, extra warming. 

Really, we designed our flagship with versatility and approachability in mind. So, mix manhattans, high balls, whiskey gingers, whiskey sours, old fashioneds - whatever you want. This whiskey will do it.


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