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Flagship Whiskey Batch 3

Flagship Whiskey Batch 3


Batch 3 tasting notes.

Batch 3 is the most basic component of any whiskey that we will likely ever release. There has been minimal tinkering and showboating. Just good brewing, good fermentation, good cuts, and good New American Oak (NAO)barrels. It is simple. But, just because it is simple doesn’t mean that it is lacking. This is the flagship release to anchor all other flagship releases. By that we mean, this is our base whiskey that we will tinker with ever so slightly with every flagship release not tinkered with. Honestly, in hindsight, we should have released this whiskey first to create the baseline for you all. But. We know that a lot of you have been hoarding, saving, HODLing or whatever way it is that you describe drinking your whiskey at a responsible pace (or not even opening your bottle yet!). Now is a good opportunity for those of you to compare with our whiskey in its simplest form. Uncertain of the impact of the Sherry cask or Cognac cask finish from a previous release? Compare it to this. Wonder what a change in barrels from Minnesota (Summer Solera, Pre-release with copper foil, flagship #1) to barrels from warmer climates makes!? Compare it to this release. This whiskey is our bedrock and represents the majority of our aging stock. It is fruity and estery (from the fermentation and the yeast), chocolatey and rich and malty (from the malted barley), Vanilla and caramel (from the barrel), baking spices like cinnamon and clove (from the fermentation and yeast!), and finally there is a touch of smoke from the barrel (FROM THE BARREL*?????).

*Okay. So, there is this tasting note that I have been wrong about for YEARS. And in just an obnoxious way. Not really, but in my head yes. I would often share bourbons with friends, and not not often (which I think adds up to often) I would get a “yum, smokey” or, “oh, there’s a touch of smoke”, or “oh, I like the smokiness - something alluding to a taste of smoke. And I was always like (only in my head) “but, it isn’t a Smokey whiskey. It’s a bourbon, not a peated single malt. There’s nothing smokey about it.” BUT I’M SO WRONG. And, after having a volunteer taster of this batch who is a self proclaimed non-whiskey expert comment on the smokiness, I tried it again and had an epiphany. There is a distinct smoke present. But! FEAR NOT! It is not creosote, and iodine, and medicinal, and bandaids smoke like in a peated single malt. It is more like burnt marshmallow over a campfire sweet tasty sugary smoke. And in that moment I was like “okay, yeah. You light a wooden barrel on fire and burn the heck out of the inside of it, you are probably going to end up with a bit of smoke flavor. So! Be on the look out for that subtle and sweet burnt marshmallow sweetness.

 Back to the notes.

 You will also notice that this batch is a touch more “dark” than the last batch. Not color wise, but taste wise. This is because this batch spent all of its time in nothing but new American oak. Compare it to Flagship Batch 2 and the “brightness” of the cognac will really pop. This particular release is closer to a bourbon or a rye. There is a pleasant tannin profile, but not an astringent one, and the nose is really really really sweet. Blended in our large stainless vat, it made our whole basement smell sticky-sweet with loads of toasted oak from the barrel - it was lovely.

This is, as always, a fine sipping whiskey. But also! Don’t be bashful about cocktails - they are a simple way to enjoy this whiskey. Manhattans and Old Fashioneds are still the name of the game, here. But we also have started selling this ginger cocktail mixer that makes one of the most dangerously drinkable cocktails in my memory. It is made by a company called Morris Kitchen, and you can buy it right here on our website. But - I’m not joking when I call this “dangerously drinkable”. You will likely want more than one. You will drink the first one too fast. And all of these things are bad news. Our recommendation: enjoy this cocktail non-social distanced and inside with a few (vaccinated friends) from outside of your bubble. A bottle of this magic ginger juice makes 4 cocktails, so share it with a few friends! But focusing. What we are getting at is that this is, once again, a very versatile whiskey great for sipping and mixing that will remind you of Bourbon or Rye, but be distinctly American Single Malt Whiskey and it hasn’t been finished in any weird barrels or blended with any whiskey aged in any weird barrels.   


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