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Winter Solstice Solera Cask Whiskey. 2022.

Winter Solstice Solera Cask Whiskey. 2022.


We know that smoky whiskey isn't everyone's thing. And that is okay. Smoke is polarizing. For this reason, when we first made the Winter Solstice whiskey, we decided that it wouldn't be a peated whiskey. But then, just, you know - the cold, the romantic idea of sipping a smokey whiskey by a smokey bonfire on the night of the winter just got to be too much. And - we added a barrel of peated whiskey to the cask. The thought was that it would just be a little bit smokey since it was less than 50% of the blend. But - wowza - it came out rather smokey. I was terrified that it was going to be a bit much for people but, the response was INCREDIBLE! Well. There were a few who didn't love it, but that is to be expected. Regardless, after bottling that batch, we topped off the barrel with a non-smoked whiskey to see if we could temper it a bit.

It didn’t 😂😂😂 - still smokey - still smokey as ever, but - really wonderful. The sweetness of the Sherry cask has really stepped it up this year. And - the color, the nose, the taste - it is all very nice. The smoke is a touch savory and very round. By round i mean, not acrid. The sweet notes from the sherry cask and the malt and the fermentation make this an excellent dessert sipping whiskey. More complex and contemplative than any of our flagship releases, but also a fair bit less versatile for cocktails.

That isn't a bad thing at all - I would argue that this is the case for most single malt whiskies, and this one in particular, references more traditional Scottish whiskies more than our other releases. While still having some of the subtle chocolate and ester notes that let you know it was made by Amalga. The fun of this release, for those that don't remember, is that we never bottle the ENTIRE cask. Rather, we bottle ~1/2, and then top it off with another barrel from our aging stock. This cask has some of the first whiskey we ever made. As a whole, this is certainly our oldest release to date.

The other change that was made - we are bottling at cask strength this year! What does that mean? Well - typically, whiskey comes out of the barrel anywhere from 55% - 75% ABV and is typically watered down to anywhere from 40% to 50%ABV. This one just comes comes out of the barrel and goes straight into the bottle. Kind of a cool experience! Also - I do recommend adding a bit of water and find how you enjoy it! Be scientific about it - measure out the water and calculate the ABV and find your ideal proof! Or - don't be a doggone nerd like me, and add a bit of water until it tastes the way you want it to taste! Anyhow - we are particularly excited to get this whiskey to you in time for solstice bonfires, holidays with friends, or just a mellow evening at home. It accommodates all of these scenarios quite well.

We are releasing only 200 bottles of this batch, and we are going to be releasing it online only with a limit of 1 bottle per person


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