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Flagship Whiskey Batch 9

Flagship Whiskey Batch 9

Batch 9. Feels a lot like Batch 2! Here are the notes again:

The nose is very fruity - but brighter than our previous releases and this brightness is beautifully enhanced from being finished in a Cognac cask. We also eased off on the chocolate a touch to let more of the fruity esters shine. It is less robust in a good way - a lot of balance and harmony in this whiskey. Punchy whiskies are a lot of fun, but we are shooting for a goto whiskey. We want this to be the whiskey you turn to 6 or 8 times out of 10. Approachable and agreeable, but still not like most whiskies you've had. Oh! And. Please please please make an Old Fashioned with this whiskey if you get a bottle. Please.


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